Imagine uncovering hidden treasures in your backyard!

Say goodbye to that old-fashioned Indiana Jones fantasy, and hello to the newest piece of digital microprocessor technology on the block. With your very own handheld metal detector, you can unearth priceless coins, precious metals, or ancient artifacts without any need for archaeological excavations. It's like being an intrepid explorer every time you go out looking for clues about what secrets may be buried just beneath the surface of your favorite beach or park.

Thinking about this device will give you tingles up and down your spine, as it allows you to travel back in time with every discovery - whether they be coins from long-gone civilizations, long-forgotten jewelry pieces or even valuable artifacts recently left behind by our ancestors centuries ago! Who knows what kind of amazing finds await you?

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How We Choose The Best For You

You're looking for a handheld metal detector that is waterproof, lightweight, highly sensitive, and designed with a low battery indicator.

It can be tough to find all of those features in one product. Plus, you don't want something too heavy or difficult to use.

We've done the hard work for you and found the Best Handheld Metal Detectors on Amazon. Our list includes products that have been highly rated by consumers and feature innovative technologies like pinpoint tip detection and vibration indicators.

SUNPOW Pinpoint Metal Detector

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Why It’s Amazing

Experience ease of detection, precision, and versatility!

Our 360° probe design expands the detection area, ensuring you don't miss any hidden treasures.

This device is also highly efficient and reduces target loss with its three modes – vibration (silent), audio, and combined vibration and audio mode – allowing you to switch between them quickly to suit quiet or noisy environments.

What You Need To Know

Who needs a full-scale metal detector when you can have the same accuracy and precision with a compact handheld wand?

The handheld metal detector wand is ideal for pinpointing small objects such as coins, jewelry, or even small bits of metal waste.

And what’s more remarkable is that it can detect metals including gold, silver, aluminum, and bronze—all within a depth of 4.5 inches.

So don't be fooled by its size; this miniature device packs one mighty punch when it comes to pinpointing all those valuable items you’re searching for!

Dmyond Handheld Metal Detector

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Why It’s Amazing

Are you a treasure hunter on the lookout for your next prized discovery?

This amazing metal-detecting device is perfect for quickly scanning large areas, allowing you to hone in on your target before investing time and energy in an excavation.

When it comes to metal-detecting accuracy, the Dmyond features precision tips that ensure every find is pinpointed effortlessly and with incredible precision.

Plus, the advanced technology is designed to detect from a wide range of depths - up to 8 inches underwater!

What You Need To Know

Convenience is no longer a thing of the past, especially when considering metal detection.

With new dustproof metal detectors, you can not only bring weight relief to your outdoor exploration, but you can also bring peace of mind.

This handy and lightweight device comes equipped with a plastic elastic roll belt, belt holster, and handbag making it easy to transport and secure if need be.

And don't worry about losing it in the water either! Thanks to its needle pointer being partially waterproof, you can submerge it in some shallow water with confidence knowing that you'll be able to find out what treasures await beneath the surface.

Kuman Water Resistant Metal Detector

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Why It’s Amazing

Are you looking for a new, exciting way to find hidden treasures and precious artifacts?

Not only is this metal detector highly sensitive, but it can also be used indoors, outdoors, or even underwater!

With this useful tool in hand, you'll be able to locate coins, silverware jewelry, and gold with increased speed and accuracy – giving you the ultimate edge.

The Kuman Water Resistant Metal Detector features three different sensitivity levels, intuitive LED light indicators, and a reinforced coil compartment that will help alert you to possible finds.

An audible alarm provides an audio alert so you never miss out on a potential discovery.

What You Need To Know

Whether you're on the beach, in your backyard, or inside the house, this device will help uncover coins, jewelry, and all that elusive gold.

On top of its amazing accuracy, it can even detect materials like non-magnetic stainless steel - something not many detectors can do.

So if you think you've got an eye for hidden riches and what to explore in bold new directions, then by all means dust off your trusty Pin Pointer and get hunting!

PudiBe LCD Pinpoint Metal Detector

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Why It’s Amazing

Showcasing the FIRST portable metal detector equipped with a back-lit LCD screen on the market, your wildest dreams of discovering hidden treasures can come true.

The HS10 Pinpoint metal detector pinpointer allows you to chase after small-scale targets just as a larger metal detector detects medium sized pistol so you can stay on the right track regardless of size.

Used in many pristine locations such as beaches or lakeshores, this is a perfect tool for anyone seeking lost coins, jewelry, relics, and other items of value.

Best of all, the closer your target is located, the stronger the three color led indication – giving you maximum accuracy and boasting some astounding results!

What You Need To Know

This awesome device will enable you to locate valuable treasures in a river, brook, pond, lake, or sea for up to 48 hours at a time-- no more worrying about whether your metal detector will survive a dive.

It's exactly what any adventurer needs if they're looking for something truly unique and special - who knows what they'll find while exploring underwater?

HOMPO Full Waterproof Handheld Metal Detector

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Why It’s Amazing

The most remarkable feature is that it’s fully waterproof, which means you can take this handheld metal detector into areas that would have been off-limits before.

It also comes with a headphone jack for when you don’t want to disturb your surroundings as you search for precious metals.

With the HOMPO Full Waterproof Handheld Metal Detector, discovering gold coins or valuable gems could be just a few swings away!

Who knows what kind of riches await? Don't wait any longer experience the ultimate treasure-hunting device now!

What You Need To Know

Completely waterproof and capable of operating in extreme temperatures (-35ºF!) without compromising battery life.

The best thing about it is its versatility; you can use it indoors and outdoors, in walls, sand, grass, or soil - you name it!

So if you're looking for an adventurous companion that's always up for a scavenger hunt, why not try out this trusty metal-detecting pinpointer?

Hand Held Metal Detector FAQs

People are always asking about Hand Held Metal Detectors, but nobody has a comprehensive resource that answers all the questions.

It can be hard to know if you need a handheld metal detector or not. And once you decide that you do need one, it's hard to figure out which one is best for you.

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about hand held metal detectors so that you can make an informed decision. Our buyer's guide will help you choose the right detector for your needs and budget.

How deep do hand-held metal detectors go?

Hand-held metal detectors vary in terms of how deep they can detect, depending on the size and type of the pinpoint targets detected. Generally, most handheld metal detectors can search up to a depth of around 6-8 inches in soil or sand. 

However, some higher-end models may be able to detect objects up to 12 inches deep or more. Factors such as the type of soil, ground mineralization, and periodic sensitivity adjustments can all affect how deeply a handheld detector can search.

What do hand-held metal detectors detect?

Hand-held metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects that are either ferromagnetic or paramagnetic. Ferromagnetic metals include iron, nickel, cobalt, and some alloys, while paramagnetic metals include aluminum, tantalum, titanium, and some stainless steel. 

Hand-held metal detectors are commonly used by law enforcement and security personnel for the detection of weapons or other prohibited items at airports and other public locations. They can also be used in construction and demolition work to locate rebar, nails, or other metallic objects that may have been inadvertently left behind.

Do handheld metal detectors work?

Handheld metal detectors do work and are quite effective when used properly. They are equipped with a search coil that emits an electromagnetic field that can detect the presence of metal objects within a given range. 

This technology is used by security personnel around the world to quickly identify potential weapons in public areas such as airports, schools, and prisons. Additionally, handheld metal detectors can be used to uncover hidden coins and other valuable items, making them a useful tool for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

How accurate are handheld metal detectors?

Handheld metal detectors are generally quite accurate when used correctly. They can detect metal objects up to a depth of several inches in most cases. Advanced models can even detect smaller objects and offer improved sensitivity, depth, and accuracy. 

Additionally, these devices have several settings that enable users to adjust the sensitivity, allowing them to locate specific types of metals more easily. These handheld metal detectors are also relatively lightweight and portable, making them suitable for various applications such as security screening, treasure hunting, and construction projects.

What cannot be detected by a metal detector?

A metal detector cannot detect objects that are made from materials that do not conduct electricity, such as plastic, wood, stone, and glass. Metal detectors also cannot detect objects that are non-magnetic such as aluminum, gold, and silver. Metal detectors may struggle to detect objects if they are buried very deeply or in an area with a lot of intrusive minerals in the soil which can interfere with the detection process.

Can you get in trouble with metal detecting?

Yes, you can get in trouble with metal detecting if you are not careful. It is important to remember that metal detecting on private property requires the express permission of the owner before you can begin. Additionally, it is illegal to operate a metal detector on certain public lands, including national parks and monuments.

There are also laws regulating excavations and removal of artifacts when using a metal detector on both public and private land, so it is best to be familiar with local laws and regulations regarding these activities. In some areas, possession of artifacts found by metal detecting may result in fines or other legal sanctions. 

Lastly, it is important to research any historical sites near your search area to ensure that you do not disturb them unintentionally during your hunt.

Can a metal detector wand detect a phone?

No, a metal detector wand cannot detect a phone. Metal detector wands are designed to detect metallic objects, and phones generally contain non-metallic components such as glass and plastic. Although some types of phones can include a small amount of metal, the signal emitted by a metal detector wand would not be strong enough to detect it, because the phone is generally composed of mostly non-metallic materials.

Will the metal in my arm set off the metal detector?

It is unlikely that the metal in your arm will set off a metal detector. This is because the amount of metal used to create prosthetic devices is generally very small and does not exceed the threshold at which the machine will detect it. 

Many modern metal detectors can differentiate between harmless objects, such as medical implants, and dangerous objects, such as weapons or explosives. Digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments. So even if a small amount of metal was detected, the machine would not be triggered.

How deep will a metal detector detect?

A metal detector's depth of detection will depend on its design, the type and size of other metal objects it is detecting, and the type of soil or surface it is being used on. Generally speaking, a metal detector can detect objects that are anywhere between 3 to 12 inches (7.5 to 30 cm) below the surface, depending on the various factors mentioned above. However, some high-end or specialized detectors may have increased sensitivity, allowing them to detect much deeper.

What metals don't trigger metal detectors?

Metals that do not trigger metal detectors are typically non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, lead, and tin. Non-ferrous metals are generally not magnetic, which is why they don't trigger metal detectors. In addition to the metals listed above, some alloys are also non-ferrous and won't register on a metal detector. These include Monel and bronze alloys. 

However, it's important to note that these alloys may contain trace amounts of ferrous metals which can set off a walk through metal detector if the concentration is high enough.

Best Hand Held Metal Detector For You

When it comes to finding the best hand held metal detector, there are many factors you need to consider. This guide has provided an overview of what to look for when purchasing a hand held metal detector.

In short, make sure that the model you select is waterproof, lightweight, and highly sensitive. Additionally, consider features like pinpoint tip detection and vibration indicator to find the perfect device for your needs.

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