It seems like every other day there's a new fitness tracker on the market. And with each new release comes the same question: how long is this thing going to last? The average lifespan of a fitness tracker is about two years, but there are a few things that can impact how long yours will last.

The first thing to consider is how often you use it. If you only wear your fitness tracker when you go on the occasional run or to the gym, it's likely to last longer than if you're wearing it 24/7. The more you use it, the greater the chance that something will break or stop working properly.

Another thing to consider is the type of tracker you have. There are three main types of fitness trackers: those that track your steps, those that track your heart rate, and those that track both. The more features your tracker has, the greater the chance that something will go wrong. So if you're looking for a tracker that will last longer, stick to a basic model that just tracks your steps.

Finally, take into account the environment you live in. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures or lots of dust and dirt, your tracker is more likely to suffer from wear and tear. If you live in a more moderate climate, your tracker should last longer.

If you're wondering how long your fitness tracker is going to last, the answer is probably two years—give or take a few months. But there are a few things that can impact its lifespan, including how often you use it, what type of tracker it is, and where you live. So if you want your tracker to last as long as possible, stick to using it for basic activity tracking and avoid exposing it to extreme conditions.

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