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If you're looking for a cool, stylish way to accessorize your timepiece, it's time to ditch that boring old strap and upgrade your look with paracord. No longer just a survival tool, paracord is becoming incredibly popular as the go-to material of choice for fashion-conscious watch wearers!

And the best part? You can make your own paracord watch band in no time at all - even if you don't have any prior crafting experience! Enlisting nothing more than some colorful paracord and a few basic tools such as scissors or pliers (plus our super simple step by step tutorial!), putting together an unforgettable, custom-made paracord watch band has never been easier.

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Benefits of Using Paracord

A paracord bracelet is also called a survival bracelet. It is a survival tool worn by campers, hikers and people who enjoy the outdoors. These bracelets have been designed to be extremely beneficial, especially during emergency situations.

One of the primary benefits is they can be used to tie up gear, make shelter, fish for food and various other uses, which makes them extremely useful in the outdoors.

In regards to using paracord to construct a watchband you'll rest easy knowing your creating an extremely tight and durable band that is unique in fashion but extremely useful in practical situations.

How To Make A Paracord Watch Band (Step By Step)

Making your own paracord watch band is easy and fun. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Melt both ends of the paracord with the lighter. While they are still hot, carefully flatten both ends with the bottom of the lighter. This will make it easier to pass the cord through the watch or bracelet. The best size watch has about 5/8″ between the lugs (where the pins go).

2. Wrap the paracord around a wrist comfortably and mark it. This will be the length of the watchband.

3. Loop the cord through the female end of the buckle and draw tight. You should have 20″ of cord on the short end. The long end is your working end.

4. Pass both cords though the pins and under the watch. Loop both ends twice around the male end of the buckle. Make any adjustments in the length of the band to match the wrist measurement. The band will stretch about another inch after completion because of the tightening and pulling on the wrapped cord, making for a comfortable fit.

5. Pass the long and short codes back through the pins and under the watch.

6. Begin to wrap the long end of the cord as shown. Push and tighten the wraps as you go along.

7. When you reach the watch and your wraps are tight, pass the cord through the pins and under the watch. Continue wrapping and tightening the paracord until you reach the male end of the buckle.

8. Using the hemostat, reach under three loops of cord, grab the end of the remaining cord and pull the cord underneath the three loops. The cord that you just pulled through should then be cut close and melted flat. Leave enough cord to hide it under the fourth loop. Do this for both the male and female ends.

Source: Scout Life Magazine

Paracord FAQs

Learning how to make a watch band from paracord can be tough. There are so many different ways to do it, and it can be hard to know where to start.

It's no wonder that so many people struggle with making their own watch bands from paracord. The process can seem daunting at first, and it's easy to get overwhelmed.

We've put together this FAQ guide that will answer all of your questions about how to make a watch band from paracord. From the basics of choosing the right cord, to the most complicated knots, we've got you covered.

What is paracord?

Paracord is a lightweight cord that is used for a variety of purposes, including camping, hiking, and emergencies. It is made from nylon and is strong and durable. Paracord can be used to make shelters, secure equipment, and build fires.

What is paracord used for?

Paracord is most commonly used for crafting and DIY projects, as it is an extremely versatile and strong material. It can be used for tasks such as making a shelter, building a fire, or even creating a fishing line. Additionally, paracord is often used by survivalists and hikers as a key component in their emergency kits.

How to braid paracord?

To braid paracord, start by taking two equal lengths of cord and laying them side by side. 

Secure the cords together at one end using a lark's head knot or another suitable knot. 

Take the left cord and cross it over to the right, then take the right cord and cross it over to the left. 

Continue this pattern until you reach your desired length of the braid. 

You may want to secure the working ends together with tape or a clamp so that they don't slip apart during braiding. 

Once you have finished your braid, tie off both ends with an overhand knot for added security. 

This simple technique can be used to create intricate patterns like diamond knotting, star knots, twisted square knots, and fishtail braids with multiple colors of paracord. 

With practice, it is possible to make anything from a simple keychain to a highly decorative bracelet or necklace.

How to wrap a knife handle with a paracord?

Wrapping a knife handle with paracord is a simple yet effective way of adding a more comfortable and secure grip to your blade. 

First, measure out the length of the paracord needed for wrapping the handle. 

Next, tie one end of the cord around the hilt and begin wrapping it in a spiral up the handle until you reach your desired length. 

Make sure that you pull each wrap tightly to ensure that the cord will remain in place. 

Once you have reached your desired length, tuck the end of the cord into one of the wraps so that it is held in place and cannot unravel. 

You can then secure this end by tying another knot at the bottom of the handle and cutting off any excess cord. To complete the look, you can melt or burn each edge to seal them together and make sure they are secure. 

Finally, use a lighter or match to carefully singe any loops or ends that stick up from your wrap.

How to make a paracord bracelet without a buckle?

Making a paracord bracelet without a buckle is relatively simple. 

All that is needed is a length of paracord and two half-hitches. 

First, measure out the desired length of the paracord and then tie one end to an anchor point, such as a door handle or pole. 

Next, make two half-hitches by looping the cord around itself twice, then pulling tight. 

Finally, tie the other end of the cord to the anchor point in the same manner as before and trim off any excess cord. 

The result will be a neat and secure paracord bracelet that can be worn without the need for a buckle!

With a few simple steps and some basic materials, you can easily create a stylish and unique paracord watch band of your very own. Not only is it relatively easy to make, but it's also a great conversation starter when you wear it out and about!

Whether for yourself or as a gift to someone special, making your own paracord watch band is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that anyone can do.

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