Fed up with the same old boring activities during this period of staying at home?

You don't have to be stuck inside doing anything anymore! Invest in a kid's metal detector and open up a world of adventure for your family. Not only is being a treasure hunter extremely fun, but your children can learn about history as they search for interesting artifacts - coins, jewelry, or even centuries-old items. It's guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment (although arm-weariness may set in eventually). Who knows what priceless discoveries you might make out there?

An amazing metal detector is an excellent way to get active while still being indoors and it encourages curiosity and exploration as your children look around their backyard or local area. They'll enjoy the thrill and excitement of searching for real treasures!

Purchase one of our amazing metal detectors – to start your journey toward uncovering hidden gems right now!

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How We Choose The Best For You

You want to buy your kid a metal detector, but there are so many options out there. How do you know which one is the best?

It can be tough to find a good metal detector that's also affordable. And if it's not waterproof, or doesn't have an LCD screen, you might as well not bother.

We did all the research for you and found the best kids' metal detectors on Amazon. This detector features a waterproof coil, adjustable stem, high accuracy, buzzer vibration sounds, and detection depths up to 8 inches.

Why It’s Amazing

For the little explorers of tomorrow, introducing the Kentoktool Kids Metal Detector!

With features specifically designed to fit your kid's arm's length and help them explore their surroundings, this sleek metal detector with padded arm strap is ready to take them on an adventure.

Its lightweight design (only 30 ounces) makes it easy for your child over 4 years old to maneuver and explore.

Plus, its integrated ergonomic grip and wrist rest provide comfort during longer expeditions.

Whether you're looking for an engaging way for your kids to explore incredible artifacts or just a great way to get them outside, the Kentoktool Kids Metal Detector easy operation is an awesome choice.

What You Need To Know

If you're looking to fill some gaps in your collection of buried treasure, then look no further than the latest upgraded DSP chip in 2022!

Forget about hiring a professional adult metal detector - this chip has all the detection accuracy you could ask for and can go deeper than ever before with a maximum underground depth of five inches.

Plus, thanks to its IP68 hot melt sealed waterproof technology, this metal detector can take the plunge into even the deepest depths to help unearth goodies.

So if you want something special from your hunts, be sure to arm yourself with this great chip!

Ommo Metal Detector for Kids With LCD Screen

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Why It’s Amazing

Introducing the OMMO Metal Detector for Kids With LCD!

This revolutionary device is designed and engineered by experienced professionals, combining advanced functionality with an exciting, animated puppy and bones image – making exploration fun and easy for your little ones.

Made from durable materials that are light enough to be easily manipulated by children, the adjustable stem can be set anywhere from 27.5" to 37.8", giving a wide range of sizes for boys & girls of any height.

With state-of-the-art technology and clever design, your kids will love using the OMMO Metal Detector for Kids With LCD – what could be a better way to spark their imagination?

What You Need To Know

This small and lightweight detector packs quite the punch; made from harmless ABS material, it's easy to carry without taking up too much space due to its foldable search coil, ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

And all it takes is three simple steps to get started - installing this detector will not only exercise their hands-on abilities but can become an activity that creates lasting memories!

Why It’s Amazing

Do your kids love chasing adventure and uncovering hidden gems?

The Ricomax Waterproof Metal Detector stands out from other metal detectors with its advanced features.

The LCD provides information on the depth, discrimination mode, and sensitivity level of the detector—giving your kids a better understanding of how metal detectors work and allowing them to determine what kind of metals are beneath their feet.

It's also designed with adjustable height poles to fit kids' different heights; this allows them to explore comfortably with no back strain.

What makes the Ricomax Junior Metal Detector stand out is that it comes included with two sand shovels and a carry bag.

What You Need To Know

Not only is it designed with harmless ABS material, but the thoughtful profile perfectly combines a professional industrial designer's perspective with a child's visual design to suit all aesthetic preferences.

Your kids will love this metal detector and you can trust that it will be an enjoyable addition to any outdoor treasure-hunting experience!

EENOUR Metal Detector for Kids

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Why It’s Amazing

Kids of all ages will love to hit the beach, park, or backyard wearing their very own EENOUR Metal Detector!

This detector is designed to take your little explorer on an adventure they won't soon forget.

With its intuitive LCD, they can see at any time what kinds of metal objects their detector is detecting and how deep it's going in the ground.

Plus, thanks to its IP68 waterproof certification, your child's metal detector can easily explore underwater worlds like beaches and streams without worry.

What You Need To Know

With this adjustable stem, hunters of all sizes can feel comfortable with their weapon, whether you're a junior tactician or a battle-tested warrior.

This lightweight stem can easily be transported wherever you might find yourself hiking, camping, or traveling to join in on the family fun as it was designed with an ergonomic armrest and anti-slip handle for maximum comfort and safety.

Perfect for tackling any range of terrain, both young and old alike can now take part in the adventure that awaits - no fatigue necessary!

HYTIREBY High Accuracy Metal Detector for Kids

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Why It’s Amazing

With a large adjustable LCD screen and in-depth detection mode and sensitivity, it's easier to pinpoint treasures like coins, jewelry, or even prehistoric artifacts.

The closer the detector is to any metal objects, the louder the sound and stronger the signal, so kids can locate their finds with added confidence knowing they won't miss any clues.

Long days of treasure hunting have never been so fun - the perfect combination of technology and exploration. Grab one of our High Accuracy detectors today and get ready for some memorable adventures that will last forever!

What You Need To Know

The youth metal detector offers a convenient solution to searching.

With three different mode options, you can easily zero in on the item of your choice.

From "All METAL" mode to alert you every time something metallic is found, to the "DISC" Mode that helps distinguish all the unwanted metal target that exist in the ground. The ultimate locating tool in "PINPOINT" mode, this device gives you the power of three modes in one – all with just a toggle of a button!

No more endless digging and no more guessing – now it's easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

Kids Metal Detector FAQs

You want to get your hands on a metal detector, but you don't know which one is right for you and your family.

It can be tough to figure out which metal detector is perfect for your needs. There are so many different ones on the market, and they all promise different things.

We've done the hard work for you and put together this FAQ about the Best Metal Detectors. This guide will answer all of your questions, from how it works to what it's best for. Plus, we've got a few tips on how to get the most out of your metal detector!

How do metal detectors work for kids?

Metal detectors for kids work in much the same way as those used by adults. The basic principle is that the metal detector creates a magnetic field that is disrupted by nearby metallic objects, alerting the user to their presence. 

Metal detectors for kids typically have large search coils for better detection of smaller objects and also include features such as adjustable sensitivity, discrimination settings to eliminate trash targets, and an audio tone or visual display indicating the presence of metal. They are often lightweight and easy to use, making them suitable for both beginner and experienced treasure hunters alike.

What are the rules for a metal detector?

The rules for a metal detector vary depending on the location and context, but some general guidelines include: always research any local laws and regulations regarding metal detecting before operating a metal detector; obtain permission from landowners before operating a metal detector on private land; be aware of any potential health hazards presented by buried metals (e.g. asbestos).

Always keep safety in mind when using your metal detector; obey all signs prohibiting the use of a metal detector; respect historical locations and artifacts by not digging indiscriminately or removing objects without authorization; only remove objects that are yours to take; do not trespass onto land that you do not have permission to access. 

Additionally, it is important to brush up on the principles of responsible metal detecting and ensure that you are familiar with basic etiquette when out with other metal detectors.

Are metal detectors fun for kids?

Metal detectors can be a lot of fun for kids. Not only do they get to search for exciting items, but they also learn about the local history while they're at it. Metal detectors also help kids develop important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, if a child finds something cool and valuable with their metal detector, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience that provides a great sense of accomplishment!

What are the disadvantages of metal detectors?

The most common disadvantage of metal detectors is that they can be time-consuming, as the process of inspecting each person for metal objects can take a long period. This can create long lines in security queues and lead to frustration for customers, particularly in public areas such as airports or train stations. 

Additionally, metal detectors are not always reliable, as some objects may not be detected due to size or material composition. Furthermore, they do not necessarily guarantee safety; while they can detect weapons and other dangerous items, they can also miss them if the person carrying them knows how to conceal them effectively. 

Finally, metal detectors are expensive to install and maintain and often require trained personnel to operate them properly.

Can you keep what you find metal detecting?

The answer to the question is both yes and no. It depends on where you are metal detecting and the laws in that particular area. Generally speaking, if you find something valuable while metal detecting, such as coins or jewelry, you are allowed to take it with you as long as it is not considered buried treasure or part of a shipwreck, which would be protected by certain laws and require special permission to keep. 

Some countries have specific laws regarding what can be collected while metal detecting - for example, some places have restrictions on collecting archaeological artifacts found while metal detecting. Therefore, it is important to research the regulations in your area before metal detecting so that you know what can and cannot be kept.

Where can you not use a metal detector?

You cannot use a metal detector in certain places such as airports and other secure facilities, as these places have security protocols that prevent the use of metal detectors. Metal detectors are also not allowed to be used on private property without permission from the owner. 

It is not advisable to use metal detectors near electrical wiring or power lines as they can cause interference with the detectors' functioning.

Are you allowed to metal detect on beaches?

The answer to the question of whether or not metal detecting is allowed on beaches depends on the beach and local regulations. Some beaches may prohibit metal detecting completely, while others may allow it with certain restrictions in place. 

Before using your beach metal detector, it is important to check with the local authorities to determine any rules and regulations that may be in place. This could include obtaining permission from the property owner and following any specific instructions given. Additionally, some states also have laws regarding metal detecting on public properties, so it's best to research these before beginning.

Will a phone go off in a metal detector?

No, a phone will not go off in a metal detector. Most phones today are made from plastic and glass, which does not contain metal and therefore does not trigger the device. Metal detectors work by sensing the difference in magnetic fields that are caused by the presence of metal objects passing through them. 

Since most phones do not contain any metal components, they pass through undetected. Some metal detectors are also designed to detect only certain types of metals, such as ferromagnetic metals such as iron and steel, so even if there were some metal components in the phone it would still be unlikely to set off the alarm.

What depth do metal detectors detect?

Metal detectors can detect a variety of depths, depending on the type of metal detector being used. Generally speaking, most handheld metal detectors can detect up to 8 inches deep in ideal conditions. However, industrial-grade metal detectors can be much more powerful and can detect depths of several feet, or even more than 10 feet in some cases. The type of soil and objects in the ground may also affect the effectiveness of a metal detector and its ability to reach deeper depths.

What are the three golden rules of metal detecting?

The three golden rules of metal detecting are safety, respect, and research. Safety is paramount when metal detecting and it is important to take precautions such as wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, being aware of your surroundings, and never digging alone. 

Respect for the environment is also essential; metal detectors should always be mindful of their impact on the land and wildlife. Finally, before going out to detect it is wise to do some research to understand the local laws and regulations that need to be followed. 

It’s also helpful to research any areas of interest beforehand so that you can maximize your hunt. Following these golden rules will ensure a safe, responsible, and rewarding experience while metal detecting.

Best Kids Metal Detector For You

Investing in the best metal detector for kids is a worthwhile purchase. Metal detectors make a great hobby for children, as they can discover coins, jewelry, and other treasure while learning something new. With the right metal detector, you can provide your children with hours of fun in an outdoor area with plenty of room to explore.

Make sure to look over all of the features of any product that you consider before buying it. With LCD screens, waterproof coils, adjustable stems, and high accuracy coupled with buzzer vibrating sounds and detection depths that vary depending on the model chosen, you'll be sure to get a metal detector that will last.

Your Friends,

LoveNatureReviews Team

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